Interesting, Useful and Fun Facts about Whisky

Facts about whiskey collected over last 500 years of its history can manage to surprise you. Here you can find out more about this interesting drink that has become national drink of Scotland.

Whisky different bottles

Whisky Types

With over 500 years of practice and constant advancement of modern techniques, brewers from all around the world have managed to create truly staggering amount of whisky types. Here you can find out more about the interesting whisky variations, and the way they differentiate from one to another.

Whisky in interesting glasses

Whisky Benefits

Throughout the ages, medical workers started noticing benefits of moderate alcohol use. Among all alcoholic beverages, whisky managed to separate itself for its numerous health advantages in relation to other drinks. Here you can find out more about numerous positive effects of whisky.

Whisky Side Effects

Whisky Side Effects and Disadvantages

Whisky is one of the most famous alcoholic beverages, but this drink also holds a potential to cause danger to your body. Here you can find out more about disadvantages of using whisky, from small inconveniences to serious threats.

Whisky in glass