Whisky Negative Effects and Disadvantages

Alcohol Poisoning – Whisky is a drink that has very large percentage of alcohol in its structure (around 40%), much more than beer or wine (around 8-13%). Because of that, people can lose track of intake while drinking whisky, which can lead to the alcohol poisoning. This illness is a result of the elevated alcohol level in our blood, which can induce difficulties in breathing, gag reflex and elevated heart rate.

Impaired Judgment – Very small amount of whiskey can produce strong side-effects, most noticeably almost immediate impairment to our judgment. People under the influence of alcohol often make rash, risky or illogical decisions, they lose their sense of fear or sometimes get paranoid, afraid and aggressive. The most common examples of impaired judgment caused by drinking are aggressive behavior, drink driving, sexual irresponsibility and in some cases suicidal tendencies.

Whisky Side Effects

Cirrhosis – Constant abuse of alcoholic beverages such as scotch whiskey over long periods of time can produce serious side effects and can damage our metabolism. One of the most famous fatal effects of this kind of prolonged whiskey intake is cirrhosis of the liver, which is hardening of the liver that is caused by the buildup of the scar tissue caused by alcohol. This scar tissue restricts the blood flow through the liver, which in turn reduces its potential to purify our blood from harmful toxins, fight infections and regulate blood clotting.

Addiction – Regular intake of alcohol can create very serious physical and mental disorder in which person gets very strongly addicted to alcohol. This very serious addiction can be found all over the world, and governments, medical personnel and various public organizations are fighting daily for better control, prevention, diagnosis and recovery methods to fight against it.

Pregnancy problems – Large intake of alcohol during pregnancy can cause spontaneous abortion and physical or mental disabilities for the fetus (malformations and other birth problems).

Stroke – Because of the strong influence alcohol can have on our metabolism, blood, heart and liver, large and regular intake of whiskey can cause stroke, serious injuries of heart muscle, and in some cases death.

Interference with other diseases – Persons who are affected by the conditions of the liver, affections of the pancreas, Precancerous stages of the digestive system and survivors of the hemorrhagic stroke MUST NOT drink whiskey or any other type of alcohol.

Interference with medication – Whiskey and all other alcohol beverages can strongly interact with some types of medicine, causing severe reaction that can seriously affects our health. Persons who are taking anticoagulants, medication for diabetes, beta blockers, antihistamines, antibiotics, antidepressants, pain relievers and sleeping pills must avoid alcohol.

Whiskey Drink

Note: All figures are approximate; this site does not provide medical advice, diagnosis or treatment.

Whisky Side Effects
Whiskey Drink