How to Make Whisky at Home?

Homemade production of whisky became popular in middle of 16th century after King Henry VIII of England dissolved the monasteries in Scotland, effectively transferring entire whisky production to the individual households. Empowered by the knowledge of many monks who needed employment, private producers of whisky begun to organize, invent and refine techniques for creation of this popular alcoholic beverage. Homemade production of whisky received even more attention and refinement after English government introduced heavy taxes on this drink, which started the era of "moonshine" and illegal production of alcohol.

The process of homemade creation of whisky is not a hard one, and even use of only most basic ingredients (water, grain, yeast) can produce drink of very high quality. The basic transformation of grain into alcohol consists of stimulating starch to extract sugars, and then applying yeast to transform that natural sugar into alcohol.

Whisky homemade

Distillation of fermented mush in homemade environment can be done with three types of stills - pot stills, reflux stills (can produce 70-85% natural alcohol) and fractionating stills (can produce 96% pure alcohol). With those easily constructed equipment, homemade brewer can produce whisky of very high quality.

Here is a simple recipe for homemade corn whisky malt.


10 kbs of untreated whole kernel corn, 5 gallons of water, 1 cup of yeast, champagne yeast starter


First you need to prepare the corn by putting it in a burlap bag and covering it with warm water. Leave bag in a dark place, and keep the corn moist for 10 days until the sprouts grow to the size of ¼ ".

Wash the corn in warm water, taking of all sprouts and roots. After transferring corn to your primary fermentation canister, mash the corn with a pole or another hard object until you are sure that every kernel is broken. Add five gallons of boiling water to the mash, and after it cools add the yeast. Seal fermenter, but leave the place for air to enter to let the fermentation process breathe.

After 7-10 days fermentation process will be complete. Liquid that will be distilled will be located on the bottom of the canister, so remove all solids and filter remaining liquid trough a pillow case. This will leave you with the perfect liquid that is ready for the distillation.

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Whisky homemade